New Double Optic Heating Microscope for Multi-Standard Analysis


The heating microscope continues to be an extremely useful tool for studying the behaviour of materials undergoing heating cycles. In ceramics it is indispensable for studying frits and glazes. The use of computerised image analysis techniques allows all the data contained in the images provided by the heating microscope to be transformed rapidly into valuable and highly accurate information. Misura® microscopes can reach heating rates from 0,1 to 80 °C per minute and are therefore able to reproduce the thermal stresses that actually occur in industrial processes. This article outlines the latest Misura® HSMN (Fig. 1), equipment designed to respect international standard test methods for ashes melting behaviour determination (DIN ASTM D1857, DIN 51730, ISO 540, CEN/TS 15370-1).

Ceramic Forum International