Characterization of Ceramic Bodies Through Optical Techniques: State of Tension and Green Mechanical Properties


The optical techniques shown in this work allow the characterization of ceramic bodies from different points of view. The measurement of thermo-mechanical properties is performed without any contact, so the sample is completely free from constraints. Optical fleximeter measurements are particularly meaningful for glazed tiles, since this method permits the study of the state of tension established between the glaze and the ceramic body after the firing process. Due to recent interest for larger sized tiles with their reduced thickness and glazing, the mechanical properties of green tiles take on great technological importance. The method presented here tackles the problem of the breaking of single-fired tiles during the glazing process. This problem has always been present concerning the green flexural strength, the highest stress experienced within the tile at its moment of rupture. This work outlines the importance of studying the elastic and plastic components of deflection during the cyclic load application on green tiles, as a simulation of rotary tile glazing and decorating machines.

Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology