Mariano Paganelli


Mariano graduated in theoretical chemistry at the University of Modena in 1977.

Started his career inside Marazzi Group, and during this period he developed and patented a completely new technological cycle, named Firestream, which is know to yield the strongest glazed ceramic tile ever, named Enduro. Two Enduro lines remained in operation until 2009.

Became R&D director of Marazzi Group and left the company in 1988 to start a career as consultant and entrepreneur.

In 1989 was appointed Contract Professor at the University of Modena, where he was in charge of the courses of Ceramic Science and Technology for 10 years.

Since then he published many scientific and technical papers on the leading scientific magazines and was called by institutions or private companies to give lectures or courses.

In the following years he filed international patents, among which:

  • 1991: new glass-ceramic compositions, among which the CMAS, which has become one of the most used ceramic frit worldwide
  • 2001: new laboratory instruments (a full line of non contact measuring systems designed to follow the firing of ceramic materials with his own company Expert System Solutions
  • 2008: new technologies for the production the toughest of all ceramic tiles, with his own company Steelker
  • 2015: new technology to reduce the environmental impact of inkjet ceramic inks

In 2014 he founded Expert Lab Service contract laboratory focused on thermo-mechanical behaviour of materials and developed a proprietary know-how for the study and improvement of large size ceramic slabs.

Mariano is a renown international consultant in the ceramic tile business, and signed many know-how contracts with leading companies worldwide.